Ona's Hardcore Fling

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Ona's Hardcore Fling

An au pair from Germany working in England, Ona was an enthusiastic sex partner with the ubiquitous Marino in this XXX video. It was filmed in July, 1995 and published in March 1996 Voluptuous magazine. The original video editor removed all of the shaky camera footage but at SCORE Classics, the entire scene is posted, mishaps, bloopers and more.

Ona's cowgirl bouncing is energetic and she tends to ignore the camera except for the glances at the director. Depending on one's point of view about how porn should be shot, that's either good or not good. But she definitely looks like she's having fun...a girl who enjoys sex. She smiles throughout the entire scene. So, in Ona, we have a pretty girl who did a porn scene as an amateur, not a professional who's done dozens of XXX scenes. Read More »
Featuring: Ona
Date: July 21st, 2020
Duration: 34:12

Member Comments

3 years ago 

Best movie ever. Her wonderful natural body. Marino is a great actor. A lot of kissing and sucking boobs. I want to see more of his movies. Please !!

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