Orsolya: Your tits are gorgeous, I promise you

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Orsolya: Your tits are gorgeous, I promise you

In 2002, our team from England went to Budapest, Hungary in search of a sex-bomb named Laura Orsolya. Zoltan, a porn stud who looked like Jean-Claude Van Damme's cousin, and busty Orsolya got it on at a spa in a photo shoot that was published in Holiday 2002 Voluptuous magazine and a video that is part of the DVD Voluptuous Xtra 5. This SCOREClassics version is the raw, unedited scene.

Zoltan walks over to Orsolya who's bikini-clad and sipping a drink as she sits on a couch. He says to her, "Your tits are gorgeous, I promise you." We don't know exactly what Zoltan meant, but "Your tits are gorgeous, I promise you" sounds like a pretty good comment to make when you want to bed a sexy girl.

Orsolya is a makeup artist today. Read More »
Featuring: Orsolya
Date: April 11th, 2023
Duration: 36:00

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