The Sexy Sight of Shay Sights

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The Sexy Sight of Shay Sights

Shay Sights from California came our way in 2002. She is one of the few SCORE Girls who also featured in Leg Sex magazine. In this video from SCORE Xtra 6 and June 2002 SCORE magazine, Shay is leafing through a magazine when her husband, Miles Long, joins her.

Miles compares Shay's tits to the other models' boobs. He sucks her nipples, and that excites Shay and makes her cunt wet. She and Miles go to the bedroom so they can get comfy. Shay is not wearing panties. Miles eats her out. They do a 69, and after Shay blows him and gets every inch down her throat, she sits on top and sticks his dick up her pussy. Miles gives Shay a good shagging and jerks his goo on her outstretched tongue. This scene was originally shot with two cameras, so the split-screen was used to show all of the footage. Read More »
Featuring: Shay Sights
Date: June 6th, 2023
Duration: 28:12

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