Sheila Stone: Lust For Bust

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Sheila Stone: Lust For Bust

Sheila Stone is paired with Michael J. Cox, the prolific California porn star who made his co-stars the main stars and didn't dominate their scenes. The easygoing, laid-back dude, more James Dean than the TV actor whose name he spoofed. Depending on the source, Michael is credited with between 400 to 600 scenes during the 1990s, fucking the hottest women in porn in an era when there were real porn stars.

At SCORE, Michael fucked Dawn Phoenix in London, hot-tubbed with Mimi Miyagi, humped Angelique and Teresa in The Bahamas and was caught by Lisa Lipps with a jack-off machine bigger than a suitcase.

Voluptuous and curvy Sheila began stripping in 1985 and making hardcore films in 1989. She stopped after 1997. This pairing with Michael was shot in California in 1993. The unedited scene opens with the couple intimately kissing and not them just doing the fake-looking "porn kiss" or no kissing at all that's more common in porn.

It may seem odd that a girl will suck dick and balls for… Read More »
Featuring: Sheila Stone
Date: April 27th, 2021
Duration: 40:33

Member Comments

3 years ago 

Sheila's awesome! Reminds me of a cross between my wife and Danni Ashe

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